What is Motobid?

Motobid is an auction website offered by REACT. Based in Jamaica, we offer drivers, re-sellers and others the opportunity to gain damaged vehicles at affordable prices.

Does the bid price include GCT?

NO! GCT is added to the winning bid.

How does one register for an account?

Once you sign up online, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions for you to follow.


Where does Motobid source these vehicles?

These vehicles have been supplied by insurance companies claims department.

Where are the vehicles kept?

At our storage facility at #3 North Avenue, Kingston 10 and or 16 1/2 Osbourne Road, Kingston 10.

Can I take a look at them before I decide to place a bid?

Yes. Contact our customer service team for more information.

Does any warranty apply to a vehicle I’ve purchased?

No. Vehicles are sold as is.

I’m looking for a particular vehicle. Can Motobid help?

Send us your questions and our dedicated team will work towards answering them.

How often is the list of vehicles available for auction updated?

You can check for new vehicles every week.


How do I place a bid?

Once you have registered and logged in, click the ‘Bid’ button. This will lead you to a page showing pictures, a description of the car, and the vehicle’s starting bid. Click ‘Bid Here’ in order to place your bid, making sure to enter the number as such 15000.00 without spaces or commas. Your new bid will be displayed as the current bid. Click on the ‘Bids’ button to keep track of the bids you and others have made. If the ‘Buy it now’ option is available, then the vehicle can be purchased without placing a bid.

How does bidding work?

The Motobid website uses a system where the bid placed is the current bid.
– “Honda Civic VTI” has a starting bid of $100,000.00.
– John places a bid of $110,000.00, which is now the current bid.
– Mary places a bid of $120,000.00 which becomes the new current bid.
– Bidding continues in this fashion till the auction ends or the auction is closed by the administrator.

What format should I use to enter my bid?

Please use the format of 10000.00 without the comma.


I’ve won an auction. Now what?

Winners will be contacted by a REACT representative over the phone. They will give you further instruction as to how to pay for and collect your vehicle.


After I have won an auction, when must I make the payment?

You must pay for the vehicle within 24 hours. If this is not done, the auction will re-open. Additionally, note that if you win twice without paying, you will be barred from making any future bids.

What methods of purchase does Motobid take?

Motobid takes cash, credit cards or Manager’s cheques.